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The journey of Indian coffee originates from a fairy tale in an interesting and unique journey made by a Sufi saint, Baba Budan, from India over 400 years ago, while on a pilgrimage to Mecca. He made this ‘now famous’ journey from Mocha, a port city of Yemen that overlooks the Red Sea, to his homeland. Besides being a trading hub for coffee, it was the source of the popular Mocha coffee beans. Baba Budan discovered coffee in the form of a dark and sweet liquid called Qahwah on the way. As he found the drink to be quite refreshing, he decided to bring it back home; and secretly brought back seven coffee beans from Mocha by strapping them to his chest (since the Arabs were extremely protective about their coffee industry). He planted these beans in Chikmagalur, in Karnataka, which was the real genesis of the Indian coffee industry. The hills where he planted these beans are now named Baba Budan Hills.

The wonders of Chikmagalur are unlimited. From Mythological times, the BabaBudan range was known as Chandradrona Parvatha. Sufi Saint Bababudan in 1600 A.D after piligrimage to mecca visited Yemen, where he felt the magic of Coffee and bought seven Coffee seeds hidden in his robes, and planted on mountain slopes of Chikmagalur. Chikmagalur is India's "Coffee Cradle" and is the birth place of "RISE UP COFFE". Since 1938, Manufacturing experience of decades has made us expertise in Coffee Knowledge & quality perfection. "RISE UP COFFE" is well known for its quality and consistency.

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Fresh Filter Coffee Powder

RISEUP COFFEE...a blend of coffee beans which are grown in the bababudan mountain range. The cooler temperature at high altitudes of more than 4500 ft ensure that the coffee cherries grow slow and gently.

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Tea powder

Rise Up tea is made from top grade tea grown in the verdant hills of chikamagalur. The soil and the climate of this place are favourable for high quality tea variants. It lends a special taste to the tea grown here.

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Sourced from the best plantations across chikmagalur, our Rise Up black pepper is of the best variety that imparts a pungent aroma and robust flavour. The taste bud tingling flavour of our pepper lies in the way it is processed.

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